“The same spirits that haunt you, haunt me, too. The same world you’re in-- I’m right there with you.”

“The same spirits that haunt you, haunt me, too. The same world you’re in-- I’m right there with you.”


With my art I hope to whisper in your ear. Hope to tell you that the same spirits that haunt you, haunt me, too. The same world you’re in-- I’m right there with you. 

My work explores the visions I have when I catch a glimpse of what’s next to me or when something passes in my periphery, it all looks eerie. I suppose I don’t see faces the way most people do. People look monstrous, and I feel most truly are monstrous. But not all monsters are bad.

Artists like Andrew Wyeth, Anders Zorn and Zdzisław Beksiński inspired me when I started long ago, but over the years so many works influenced the direction of my work that it’s difficult to trace a linear path. It’s more like tracing a cobweb.

I work in oils painted on gypsum cement, canvas and linen. I also make sculptures cast in resin and gypsum from silicone moulds, not to mention digital illustrations. Always trying new things. Exploring. I feel like the ideal studio is an alchemist’s lab. 

I use models and some friends as reference, but more often it’s the cracks in the sidewalk, dead leaves and severed flowers that inform the composition. I take photos on my walks and open them all up later. Just looking at them gives me ideas for shapes and compositions. Sometimes I don’t look at them at all but I’m always looking and paying special attention to these things. The broken pieces I see are quite beautiful (not to say the models/friends are broken, they‘re the beautiful part).

Where It Began…

George Mylonas was born in Pennsylvania to Greek parents who upheld a strict, religious household.  The black sheep of the family, George was always an outsider, a position that took a toll on his mental health later in life.

After experiencing a psychotic break on Christmas Eve of 2011, George Mylonas lost connections to what few friends and family he had and was put into the Horsham Mental Facility for several weeks. There, some of the only things they let you have are paper and pencils (which I never understood because pencils could be sharpened to a dangerous point but I digress). "I guess the point I’m trying to make is art keeps me sane."

George had been studying at USC at the time, taking classes in printmaking, drawing, mold-making, psychology, linguistics, interactive media, just about everything besides painting— "I think whatever you know informs everything else in a weird way.”

After graduating in 2015, George moved to San Diego to work at the Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency (yes, that really was the name), a video game design studio where he worked on the PS4 title, Drawn to Death.

Unable to reconcile his alienation, he moved back to Pennsylvania where he made a short film, created a video game as the sole developer, titled Please, and continued working on developing his talents.

In 2018, he moved to San Francisco to work at Atomic Fiction Studios, a special effects company for film and television. He currently resides there where he spends his days working on oil paintings and trying not to be too antisocial for his own good.

Past Shows

2017 - 2018 - Group Exhibitions - Hellbound - Los Angeles, CA

2016 - Solo Exhibition - Silhouette Salon - Los Angeles, CA

2012 - 2015 - Group Exhibitions, Solo Exhibition - Grim Delights - Philadelphia, PA

2009 - 2011 - Group Exhibitions, Solo Exhibition - Bates Motel - Downingtown, PA

2006 - 2009 - Group Exhibitions, Solo Exhibition - Bleak House - Exton, PA

2005 - Group Exhibition - West Chester Art Association - West Chester, PA